Konieczny Szczech Family History

Issued in: Wisconsin



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _FA2    Person ID 
1 Deutschlander, Carol J.  Issued in: Wisconsin I0207
2 Konieczny, Joseph  Issued in: Wisconsin I0085
3 Konieczny, Margaret Marie (Malgorzata Maryanna)  Issued in: Wisconsin I0024
4 Konieczny, Paul  Issued in: Wisconsin I0087
5 Konieczny, Roy Theodore  Issued in: Wisconsin I0065
6 Kotecki, Frank  Issued in: Wisconsin I0154
7 Potaczek, Alois John  Issued in: Wisconsin I0127
8 Przybylski, Veronica  Issued in: Wisconsin I0157
9 Rohland, Frederick William  Issued in: Wisconsin I0939
10 Rzetelny, Josephine  Issued in: Wisconsin I0170
11 Slowiak, Anna M.  Issued in: Wisconsin I0150
12 Slowiak, John B.  Issued in: Wisconsin I5721
13 Slowiak, Theodore Stanley  Issued in: Wisconsin I0122
14 Symbal, Alex Andrew  Issued in: Wisconsin I0027
15 Symbal, Alexander Peter  Issued in: Wisconsin I0012
16 Symbal, Bernice Veronica  Issued in: Wisconsin I0011
17 Symbal, Louis Theodore  Issued in: Wisconsin I0195
18 Symbal, Walter Alexander  Issued in: Wisconsin I0192
19 Symbol, Paul Peter  Issued in: Wisconsin I0018
20 Szczech, John Frank  Issued in: Wisconsin I0043
21 Szczech, Joseph John  Issued in: Wisconsin I0010
22 Szczech, Joseph Leon  Issued in: Wisconsin I0016
23 Szczech, Juliana Emily  Issued in: Wisconsin I0084
24 Szczech, Mary Magdalen  Issued in: Wisconsin I0121