Konieczny Szczech Family History

Welcome to my family's history. On these pages you'll find lots of information about my family and ancestors, going back several centuries, and all back to what was at one time or another Poland--though Poland as a country did not exist at the time all my relatives emigrated from there. I've always been interested in the origins of my family, but it wasn't until I got hold of a family tree created by my mother's cousin, Sonja (S.+P.), for my Szczech Grandparents' 40th wedding anniversary, that my interest in finding out more about my ancestors took hold. Since then, I've researched, emailed, web-surfed, and journeyed to find more. In 2010 I journeyed to Poland and saw some of the areas my ancestors were from. In 2011 I returned and travelled Poland and Ukraine with my 3rd Cousin, Alicja, and visited the homes and homeland of some of my great-great grandparents. I am not done yet. There is more to see, there are more people to find, there are more records to enter, and there are more stories to unravel. But this site is a start. Let me know if you can contribute, enhance, or correct my information. Above all, enjoy my family's story... Leon G. Konieczny

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